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Food & Beverage

Stand out!

With the explosion of gourmet, artisan and specialty foods how is your product going to stand out from all the rest?

Great artwork and the use of different materials is what is going to make your brand stand out from all the other products on the shelf. Materials like kraft and estate papers, foils and textures will add a unique look and feel to your product. Swing Labels understands your need to stand out from the rest. We are here to help you create your own custom look and custom shape that helps you express your company. Take advantage of a unique bottle and give your label a custom shape. Are you using a colored bottle? Make sure your artwork takes advantage of your bottle’s color.

The food and beverages you create can live in harsh environments. Freezers, frost, high humidity, ice bathes are some environmental stressors that your label may need to withstand. We have the expertise to suggest materials that can survive these conditions and still look great.

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