Knowing Your Way Around A Label

Labels Size:
A typical label size is measured width by height (W x H). The first measurement represents the width of the label in inches. The second measurement represents the height of the label in inches.

Label Adhesive:
Labels come with a choice of 3 adhesives.

  1. Permanent - the adhesive will stay on the product and the label will tear when removed from the product. This is the most common adhesive.
  2. Removable - the label can be removed from the product without leaving adhesive on the product or tearing the label.
  3. Repositionable -this adhesive can be removed and reapplied many time without damage to the product or the label. The common equivalent is the Post-It® notepads.

Label Material:
Labels can be made from a wide range of materials including:
• Paper • Opaque Paper • Vinyl • Polyester
• Polycarbonates • Rigid Vinyl • Metal
• Holographic • Static Cling • Tag Stock

Label Color:
A label is typically white, but can be flood coated to match any PMS color.